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You need the truth from the Bible to know God. When Jesus was here, he never told anyone to worship him, he gave all honor to God the Father. Jesus is the Word of God in the Old Testament. He spoke to Adam and Eve. He cursed the serpent for deceiving Eve, and he spoke to Cain. Moses was very special. To Moses he gave the Ten Commandments written in stone with his finger for the good of man. To all who keep his commandments is a promise of his protection and his blessings. Many say now we do not have to obey all of the commandments. Why? Are they bad or hard to keep? This is what I mean about the truth. Most churches do not teach what is in the Bible. The organized way it’s done has roots from before Christ. When Jesus gave a sermon you heard the truth and without a collection plate passed around. If you were hungry some fish and bread might be provided. If you were sick or crippled you would be healed! I’m telling you this because there is so much more to God’s love. Read the Book of Matthew for starters and you might get a glimpse of something new.

Does your church preach this?
“You don’t have to obey all the commandments or remember the Sabbath to be saved.” Sounds like the serpent to me. Learn the truth.

Letters from Paul
God’s truth little by little


About Paul

My journey started when my mom got sick. I got baptized and then baptized my mom while she was on her death bed. At church I gathered a lot of different information about Jesus and started to doubt what I heard. My Bible told a different story, it told the truth. I know where Mom is now and there's nothing anybody can say or do to convince me otherwise. I learned a lot of doctrines at church about Jesus, I learned the truth about Jesus in the Holy Bible.

5 responses to “Truth?

  1. The Hook

    Your dedication to your faith is admirable, Paul.

  2. obsfo ⋅

    Thanks for stopping by Paul, here is a little more from me regarding the matter of truth. There is more but I will just write the basics here:


    What is a truth?

    I would submit that a truth is the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, and forever and a day! – Nothing can be added or subtracted from a truth.
    Truth is TIMELESS.

    We often confuse the two words fact and truth. Facts are continually being presented as truths.
    Facts rarely stand the test of time.
    How often do we hear the phrase – ‘Let us put all of the FACTS on the table’ – Does that mean that truth is about to be revealed – NO. It is only information (facts) that the interested parties are willing to reveal at that particular time.



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