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Twisted Concepts

Its been since 1984 that I started my journey. I refused to just pick a church’s doctrine that just made me feel better. Too many choices, but I’m seeking help from people. The truth is in the Bible. That’s the truth I found, many churches are like shoes.They try very hard to make you happy and keep you attending. You just hope they’re comfortable. They tell a story about Jesus. The story they tell is for ears full of wax, dull of hearing. Many are called but few are chosen. Many hear about Jesus, attend a church, are lied to about why he came and are lulled to sleep to the truth. Bibles at home are never opened. If you do not study it yourself you are probably going to die. You belong to a church in the guise of an angel of light. You know yourself something just doesn’t feel right about all this. Why are we so content while we keep on polluting our lives?

I can tell you why, nobody will even pay attention but here we go. This world belongs to God’s adversary. God gave us the Holy Bible which he has protected and inspired for centuries. Church’s of men meet on Sunday and deceive the multitudes to God’s truth. They tell you to forget the sabbath and to some that’s proof enough. They tell you the commandments were nailed to the cross. This fooled me for awhile but after many heartaches of living in sin in the name of Jesus, I looked for the answer myself, in my own Bible. The truth will set you free! I guarantee it because God does. Seek him, when? Everyday, it should be the most important thing in your life. Its why we are hear. If you don’t believe in God, what do you believe in?

Letters from Paul


About Paul

My journey started when my mom got sick. I got baptized and then baptized my mom while she was on her death bed. At church I gathered a lot of different information about Jesus and started to doubt what I heard. My Bible told a different story, it told the truth. I know where Mom is now and there's nothing anybody can say or do to convince me otherwise. I learned a lot of doctrines at church about Jesus, I learned the truth about Jesus in the Holy Bible.

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