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Inspired in a Tall Tree

Image Pray on the way to the job to God in Jesus name for inspiration. The fear you deal with on a regular basis opens doors in your mind. When you get so scared that a chill passes down your body and you shiver the rest of the day is when it happens. It’s when you know you just cheated death. A crane nearly fell on me once in Cedar Pines Park, CA. An over confident crane operator with a crane at least 150′ height had to reach across a yard to reach the top of a freshly dead sugar pine. After I set the choker, he told me to drop down several feet to make the cut. Huge top still full of sap, he must have a super crane or something, what do I know? I’m a tree climber not a crane expert. This was a new industry, these guys are used to plucking up stuff with a weight sticker on it. Every tree is different and I knew the top he was taking was too big. This tree hadn’t lost a needle yet.

I tie in after pulling my life line out of the top and begin my cut. When the cut is complete the saw is stuck and that never happens. The top is too heavy and he starts rocking it back and forth trying to break a small bit of wood still holding. Normally when you’re cutting the crane lifts the log right off as you’re cutting, it just goes flying away and it looks like it’s falling up. The top breaks free and branches are breaking all over the top of my head, had I cut with my head above the cut I would be dead! My hard hat deflected the branches safely behind me. When the tree stopped shaking violently and the branches stopped crashing all over the house below, the crane operator yelled, “Are you ok? That’s the worst it ever got, my crane almost fell on you, I had to free wheel it to stop it from tipping!” That’s when the chill started and I shook all day. My faith in God kept me safe and several other times also.

It’s times like that, that inspired me to write. I’ve read that people don’t care about what you know until they know you truly care. I believe that, and I care about trees and I care about people. I love God and my work in the trees inspires me to write.

Letters from Paul


About Paul

My journey started when my mom got sick. I got baptized and then baptized my mom while she was on her death bed. At church I gathered a lot of different information about Jesus and started to doubt what I heard. My Bible told a different story, it told the truth. I know where Mom is now and there's nothing anybody can say or do to convince me otherwise. I learned a lot of doctrines at church about Jesus, I learned the truth about Jesus in the Holy Bible.

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