Too Hard To Believe!

I know what churches teach on Sunday and I know why. Satan deceives and confuses these churches, because they are his. He has more trouble deceiving those that study their Bibles and seek the truth. In church you might be taught if you say you love Jesus you will go to heaven. Satan turned true faith into lip service. The Bible does not teach this, men do, on Sunday at most Christian churches. Demons are hard at work every day keeping you away from the truth. People are tempted by demons or other people to do contrary to what is written. Truth is not taught at these churches and my quest is to share some truth with as many as I can before I die. You may love your church and most do.  Are you totally convinced you’re being taught the truth?

I just watched a sermon with a guy saying the law was nailed to the cross. Why did he say that? Does anybody know where the Bible says that? Jesus obeyed the 10 Commandments and taught others to do so. Is it wrong we do the same thing? He says if you love me, you will keep my father’s commandments. Church teaches it’s taboo to mention to obey. I always get harshly corrected when I express my beliefs when I’m preached to. Some do believe in the truths I’m mentioning here but then they celebrate Christmas and Easter and that nullifies the truth they share.

What if we decided not to obey man’s laws like stopping our car at stop signs? Oh no brother, if you’re saved you don’t have to obey. That’s what we’re going through, with so many Christians believing they do not have to obey God. Life on this planet is a big wreck. Almost nobody believes me but they will when Jesus comes back.

Letters from Paul