Tragic Surprises

My daughter Cheryl lost her husband. Manny was a loving husband and worked very hard. I can’t imagine what she is going through. I feel all helpless around her because I keep hoping I could say or do something to help her feel better. I haven’t written since, and that bothers me. Maybe someone reading this has some input. I’m cautious not to be too happy since Manny’s accident. That’s hard because I love to be happy but I want Cheryl happy too. Death is hard and they were not ready at all. Manny’s motorcycle insurance expired before the accident and she is left with no help. No rich folks in our family, but we’ll help her somehow. I’m praying for Cheryl every day and I would love to know others are praying for her also. Thank you so much for your prayers for Cheryl Marie Alves.



Too Hard To Believe!

I know what churches teach on Sunday and I know why. Satan deceives and confuses these churches, because they are his. He has more trouble deceiving those that study their Bibles and seek the truth. In church you might be taught if you say you love Jesus you will go to heaven. Satan turned true faith into lip service. The Bible does not teach this, men do, on Sunday at most Christian churches. Demons are hard at work every day keeping you away from the truth. People are tempted by demons or other people to do contrary to what is written. Truth is not taught at these churches and my quest is to share some truth with as many as I can before I die. You may love your church and most do.  Are you totally convinced you’re being taught the truth?

I just watched a sermon with a guy saying the law was nailed to the cross. Why did he say that? Does anybody know where the Bible says that? Jesus obeyed the 10 Commandments and taught others to do so. Is it wrong we do the same thing? He says if you love me, you will keep my father’s commandments. Church teaches it’s taboo to mention to obey. I always get harshly corrected when I express my beliefs when I’m preached to. Some do believe in the truths I’m mentioning here but then they celebrate Christmas and Easter and that nullifies the truth they share.

What if we decided not to obey man’s laws like stopping our car at stop signs? Oh no brother, if you’re saved you don’t have to obey. That’s what we’re going through, with so many Christians believing they do not have to obey God. Life on this planet is a big wreck. Almost nobody believes me but they will when Jesus comes back.

Letters from Paul

Inspired in a Tall Tree

Image Pray on the way to the job to God in Jesus name for inspiration. The fear you deal with on a regular basis opens doors in your mind. When you get so scared that a chill passes down your body and you shiver the rest of the day is when it happens. It’s when you know you just cheated death. A crane nearly fell on me once in Cedar Pines Park, CA. An over confident crane operator with a crane at least 150′ height had to reach across a yard to reach the top of a freshly dead sugar pine. After I set the choker, he told me to drop down several feet to make the cut. Huge top still full of sap, he must have a super crane or something, what do I know? I’m a tree climber not a crane expert. This was a new industry, these guys are used to plucking up stuff with a weight sticker on it. Every tree is different and I knew the top he was taking was too big. This tree hadn’t lost a needle yet.

I tie in after pulling my life line out of the top and begin my cut. When the cut is complete the saw is stuck and that never happens. The top is too heavy and he starts rocking it back and forth trying to break a small bit of wood still holding. Normally when you’re cutting the crane lifts the log right off as you’re cutting, it just goes flying away and it looks like it’s falling up. The top breaks free and branches are breaking all over the top of my head, had I cut with my head above the cut I would be dead! My hard hat deflected the branches safely behind me. When the tree stopped shaking violently and the branches stopped crashing all over the house below, the crane operator yelled, “Are you ok? That’s the worst it ever got, my crane almost fell on you, I had to free wheel it to stop it from tipping!” That’s when the chill started and I shook all day. My faith in God kept me safe and several other times also.

It’s times like that, that inspired me to write. I’ve read that people don’t care about what you know until they know you truly care. I believe that, and I care about trees and I care about people. I love God and my work in the trees inspires me to write.

Letters from Paul

Twisted Concepts

Its been since 1984 that I started my journey. I refused to just pick a church’s doctrine that just made me feel better. Too many choices, but I’m seeking help from people. The truth is in the Bible. That’s the truth I found, many churches are like shoes.They try very hard to make you happy and keep you attending. You just hope they’re comfortable. They tell a story about Jesus. The story they tell is for ears full of wax, dull of hearing. Many are called but few are chosen. Many hear about Jesus, attend a church, are lied to about why he came and are lulled to sleep to the truth. Bibles at home are never opened. If you do not study it yourself you are probably going to die. You belong to a church in the guise of an angel of light. You know yourself something just doesn’t feel right about all this. Why are we so content while we keep on polluting our lives?

I can tell you why, nobody will even pay attention but here we go. This world belongs to God’s adversary. God gave us the Holy Bible which he has protected and inspired for centuries. Church’s of men meet on Sunday and deceive the multitudes to God’s truth. They tell you to forget the sabbath and to some that’s proof enough. They tell you the commandments were nailed to the cross. This fooled me for awhile but after many heartaches of living in sin in the name of Jesus, I looked for the answer myself, in my own Bible. The truth will set you free! I guarantee it because God does. Seek him, when? Everyday, it should be the most important thing in your life. Its why we are hear. If you don’t believe in God, what do you believe in?

Letters from Paul

Every Sunday

God calls your church luke warm and he’s about to spew you out. Your church did something to inspire you, or your parents and friends to go there. Do you ever wonder why so many churches all over town? With so many around and all that praying and rejoicing. Shouldn’t our country be prospering? Its failing horribly, and yet there’s singing and worshiping all over town, Your prayers are in vain and you don’t even know it. If you are praying for an economic crash you’re on course. Think my friends, get to know God he is waiting for you, I know you love your church, I loved mine, but I had to leave it. It lied, and I know God hates lies. God wants you to obey him for your own good or he’s going to have to hurt you. Prove me wrong, study your Bible and then show me where God tells you not to obey him. Your church tells lies if it meets on Sunday and celebrates pagan festivals like Christmas and Easter. Did you know witches and pagans celebrate those days, they wonder why Christians do it. I’m not sharing this to win friends, its what God wants me to do. Tell the truth! If you think your church is true blue or you don’t care if it isn’t, keep going. Its not the narrow path, trust me, I know the whole world is deceived.

Letters from Paul

Many church’s One Truth

There is only one truth. It comes from God, he created us. Man’s ears are tuned into a message broadcast through the air. The devil talks to us continually because this is his kingdom. He seeks you, tempting you to live his way. He markets lies, and man buys them. There might come a time when you feel remorse about the way you have been living. You go to church to feel better, and it works. They tell you that your sins are forgiven, past, present, and future! I knew this was too good to be true, but I went with it. I committed more sins after that than ever. Desperate, I opened my Bible, and I searched for that good news of no worry and no law to worry about. Seeking and seeking I never found it, I found something else. The truth, Satan can’t destroy God’s Bible, he’s tried. God does not lie, man does. Man can’t handle the truth so he is easily misled. Satan rules this planet and his way leads to death. The only true way to eternal life is a secret. It’s a secret because you have to study the Bible. It’s too confusing!  That’s the myth, the Bible isn’t confusing, church is. If your church tells one lie, it’s guilty of many others. The Bible tells the truth. Does your church tell lies? It is so easy to find out.

Letters from Paul

Read the Bible

Thought fun was in the past with a new life seeking God. I was wrong, it’s more fun now. God promises blessings for this and I’m here to tell you I know what they are now. The thrills I had before, sinning my life away in the past, are nothing to what God does for you when you seek him. My thrills before came with a hangover and a lot of regrets. God’s blessings are hangover free. Without God you are at Satan’s mercy, With God, Satan steps aside. I know this now because I see the world in a new way. When you seek God even your enemies are at peace with you. When people preach all their rehearsed lines, false things taught to them from men at church. All I hear now is blah blah blah. I listen and I don’t condemn cause they think they know something. There is a strange story in the Bible that tells why people can’t receive the truth. Not sure but I think God was talking to Moses and the people were so terrified by his voice they begged Mose to make him stop or they might die!  I see that in action now. That request left their children with an unnatural fear of God. When I tell people they should obey the 10 Commandments they shudder and shake and start boasting about grace. Satan is thorough in his brainwashing. I’m not worried about them now, Jesus will save them too. The ones who need to worry are the ones teaching false doctrines. Most people don’t see God the way I do. He inspired the Bible so you could seek him, the Bible is his instruction book on how to defeat Satan. Obey God and Satan CAN”T hurt you. That’s guaranteed!

Letters from Paul

Exodus 20:18-19

King James Version (KJV)

18 And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and when the people saw it, they removed, and stood afar off.

19 And they said unto Moses, Speak thou with us, and we will hear: but let not God speak with us, lest we die.

Mark Twain Quote

“In religion and politics, people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing” (Mark Twain’s Autobiography, 1959).

Letters from Paul

Saved by the hand of God

Since 1983 I’ve been a tree climber. I started with palm trees and later climbed anything with bark on it. I learned logging and how to be a tree climbing and rigging specialist. I didn’t work with cranes until I participated in the bark beetle project in the San Bernardino Mountains. This project was funded by a government grant, and until then it was actually too hazardous to climb trees that decayed. The standards were changed to; you can climb but you must be tied in twice and use a steel enforced flip-line attachment. I climbed and removed many of these dead trees with rigging and never got a scratch. To save time on a job with many trees in a small area we used a crane. This method is very fast and extremely dangerous. With the crane fully extended I tied in using the hook below the ball of the crane cable. Using hand signals the crane operator knows to take me up. He did this full speed to scare me, it didn’t though, it terrified me! When I climb, I’m in control and I have faith that God is with me. Tied to this crane cable put me in a different place but when my stomach caught up to me I felt better. I could see Lake Arrowhead and Hesperia!  It was a beautiful day too.

The crane lowered me into the canopy of the tree, I strapped a cable choker to the top of the tree. This is when I’m supposed to pull my rope out of the crane hook to tie into the tree to repel down a ways to make the cut. I used a split tail system but I gave the signal to tighten the choker I put around the tree before I pulled slack and removed my rope! The operator is slowly removing slack and I”m starting to get squashed against the tree! If you have ever used a prussik you know it’s impossible to pull slack when it’s tightly cinched. I’m screaming at the top of my lungs pulling on this prussik, “Stop! Stop! Stop!”. Nobody can hear me the crane is too loud. This is when I prayed, “Please God help me!” My knot pulled just enough to keep me from being squashed to death. My body was being compressed by the steel flip-line and my rope being pulled by the crane. My only chance was the prussik to give. I made a fatal mistake and God prevented my death or my back from being broken. Thank you God! God has revealed himself to me many times like this and other ways.

Seek God, follow Jesus. Without God, life on earth is hell.

Letters from Paul